Snowmobile Boot - Natural Seal fur

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  • These are 100% Canadian made seal skin boots, and they have a front zipper.  The liners come out for easy washing and drying, and they have a rubber sole, making them more practical in wet snow and slush.   

    Our boots are a small make, so we recommend ordering them at least one size larger than your shoe size.  For example, if you take a size 7 ladies`shoe you will need a size 8Female boot.  If you take a size 10 men`s shoe, you will need a size 11Men boot.

    Please call us at 709.579.9872 for current size availability.

    Please note that actual shading and spots on the seal skin will vary.

    This item cannot be shipped to Europe or to the US.

    Please consult the "Shipping delay" section (below) for each product. Online order receipts will show an automated generic delivery date from Canada Post, which assumes your item is sent the moment your order is placed.  "Shipping delay" will give you a more accurate idea of when your item will be put in the mail (i.e. within 25 business days). Regular shipping times apply after the item is mailed.

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